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Antique pocket watches. Tried and true friendships. Old timey keys. Story telling. These are just a few of the inspirations that have helped create and mold Beaucoup Designs jewelry. People of all ages and backgrounds will find pieces within Beaucoup Designs to suit their tastes. From high school graduates to new moms. From birthday girls to bridesmaids. Our jewelry is designed with everyone in mind.

Beaucoup Designs started in 2009 with only monogram necklaces and twelve character charms. Since then, the line has quickly grown to include our Aimez collection, the best-selling cuff bracelets, Swarovski crystal earrings, and flower pendants, to name a few. Leah Ann Messer, the creator and creative force behind the line, is constantly inspired by people, places, and things in her everyday life. These inspirations keep the jewelry ever-evolving.